HD: ==> Hate your life.

> You feel that familiar nagging in the pit of your stomach.

> Sadness, depression, pain. Thats how you feel at this time and you glitch the razor blade from a crimson red pencil and begin the dirty work on your wrists and thighs. You know full well that Quarters wont like this but you feel like you cant talk to anyone. The blow that Droog delt was too great to dumb down and pretend it never happened. You were so far from stuck up, that when he called you that, you felt like you were so low and trashy that it wasnt funny at all. You also felt like that you wernt good for anyone. You hate that feeling, but you’ve felt it all your life.

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    >You look away from him, tears stinging your own eyes once again. You cant take the torture anymore. You just want him...